Trauma-Invested Teaching Practices and Policies, Professional Certificate

15 Instructional Hours
Offered in Fall, Spring
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Program Tabs


School personnel and teachers play a central role in children’s lives and are uniquely positioned to identify and respond to students’ trauma symptomology and needs.

The Cato College of Education has partnered with UNC Charlotte Continuing Education to offer the Trauma-Invested Teaching Practices and Polices Certificate program to help increase awareness and competence in trauma-responsive instruction, policy, and school culture for teachers, administrators, counselors, social workers, principals, and other support personnel.

This online, asynchronous, self-paced certificate consists of three self-paced, online modules and is aligned with DPI General and Literacy Standards.

What Participants Will Learn

Three main topics will be covered:

  • Foundations of Trauma-Invested Teaching
  • Trauma-Invested Classroom Management
  • Trauma-Invested School Culture, Practices, and Policies

In the Foundations of Trauma-Invested Teaching, an introductory/foundational course, participants will learn the impact of trauma on students across the lifespan as well as the creation of trauma-invested schools.

For the second course, Trauma-Invested Classroom Management and Student Supports, participants will learn the key factors to create classroom practices that help students overcome trauma-related challenges.

For the final course, Creating Trauma-Invested School Culture, Practices, and Policies, participants will expand their knowledge of trauma by creating educational practices and policies that build trauma-invested classrooms and school culture.

Program Cost:

Registration Fee: $300.00

Schools or employers who would like to enroll several employees within a section may be eligible for a bulk discount for registration.

To qualify, enrollment of employees must be made in one transaction.  Please contact (704) 687-8900 to enroll.

15-100 students: 15% discount

101+ students: 30% discount

Financial Options: