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Graduate Business Programs

For students who have a bachelor's degree, these graduate programs are offered by the Belk College of Business.

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Degree Programs

For students with some higher education; choose from bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral degrees or graduate certificates.

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Non-degree Programs

For students who want to add to their resume without committing to a degree program, or take initial credits toward a master's program.

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Academically or Intellectually Gifted

The Graduate Certificate in AIG provides a consistent, cohesive structure for teachers seeking to add on the North Carolina Standard Professional 1 (SP1) AIG Professional Educator’s License.

Advanced Literacy Instruction & Intervention Certificate

The Advanced Literacy Instruction & Intervention Certificate provides K-12 teachers with skills in using data and current research on literacy to design and implement classroom literacy instruction and interventions. This is a 12-hour certificate program that focuses on...

Anti-Racism in Urban Education

The Graduate Certificate in Anti-Racism in Urban Education provides a coherent curriculum that draws from four content courses addressing race and racism in professional or organizational spaces. The Certificate caters to individuals interested in an advanced degree that...

Applied Artificial Intelligence

The Graduate Certificate in Applied Artificial Intelligence (AAI) provides graduate students with the opportunity to reach a demonstrated level of competence in the area of Artificial Intelligence and apply such knowledge to the solution of practical problems. Coursework...

Applied Econometrics Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Applied Econometrics provides students with a strong foundation in applied econometrics, a skill set that is increasingly in demand. In addition, students considering graduate study in economics have the opportunity to explore material prior to...

Types of Programs

Professional Development Courses

  • Strengthen your professional skill set
  • For professionals who maintain their credentials
  • Courses last from 1 hour to 2 days

Digital Skills & Technology Boot Camps

  • Develop the most in-demand skills
  • For individuals looking for an immersive experience
  • Finish in 12-24 weeks

Career Advancement Certificates

  • Level-up or change your career in non-credit courses
  • For aspiring career changers and industry professionals
  • Finish within 6 months to a year

Graduate Degree & Certificate Programs

  • Earn credit toward a graduate degree 
  • For professionals seeking an advanced degree
  • Finish in 1-3 years (depending on the program)

Corporate/Custom Training & Executive Education

  • Create a strategically designed program for skill-centered results
  • For organizations who need customized solutions
  • Program length is tailored to your needs