Political Science, B.A.

30 Credit Hours
Admits: Fall, Spring & Summer
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Program Tabs


The online Political Science major is a degree-completion program for learners seeking a bachelor’s degree at UNC Charlotte to progress in one’s current field or to prepare for a career change.

The program is designed to train students to fill roles in:

  • Research analysis
  • Community and social service management
  • Teaching and journalism
  • Urban and regional planning
  • Federal, state and local governments
  • Project management in public, private, and non-profit organizations 
  • Political campaigns and public office

The program is 100% online and designed to be flexible for working professionals. 

Students are able to complete the 30-credit hour major in 12 months if enrolled full-time and 24 months if enrolled part-time. The total time from admission to graduation is determined on how many transfer credits a student has earned (must have 120 hours to complete graduation requirements).

Graduates of the program will learn critical skills for positions in the field of political science. Career examples include but are not limited to:

Human Resource Specialists • Community and Social Service Managers • Urban and Regional Planners • Federal, State and Local Government Administrators • Legal and Business Sector Professionals • Project Managers

Application Deadlines for New Students:
Term Application & Fee Payment Deadline Transcripts & Documents Deadline
Fall July 1 July 15
Spring November 15 December 1
Summer Full Term and First Half Summer May 1 May 1
Second Half Summer June 1 June 1


Application Deadlines for Returning Students:

Term Deadline for Application, Fee & Transcripts
Fall August 2
Spring December 9
Summer Full Term and First Half Summer May 7
Second Half Summer June 15



Admissions & Requirements: 

  • The online Political Science major is designed for learners who:
    • Earned college credit before coming to UNC Charlotte
    • Work full or part-time or has responsibilities caring for others
    • Delayed entering college after high school for work, travel, or military service
    • Prefer flexibility in completing a college degree.
  • Students admitted to the online Political Science major and the online pre-Political Science major qualify for distance education tuition and fees for all courses and are considered distance education (DE) students.
  • Prospective students who have fewer than 24 transferable credit hours should apply for an on-campus program and can submit a change of major request after earning a total of 24 transferable credit hours.
  • In order to be awarded the bachelor’s degree, students must complete a total of 120 credit hours with 30 credit hours in the major.

New Student to UNC Charlotte:

Apply Now

  • Prospective students with at least 24 transferable credit hours should apply at the transfer student portal.
  • Provide all post-secondary transcripts.
  • Don’t forget to submit the application fee.

Returning Student to UNC Charlotte:

Apply Now

  • Students returning to UNC Charlotte after a 12 month absence should apply for readmission.
  • Provide all post-secondary transcripts.
  • Don’t forget to submit the application fee.
  • Are you a returning UNC Charlotte student with 90+ credit hours? You may qualify for a fee waiver as a 49er Finish student.

How will your courses transfer to UNC Charlotte?

  • Transferable courses must be college-level and have a grade of C or higher.
  • Utilize the Transfer Credit Advisor for a list of courses that were previously transferred from your institution.
  • Course equivalency lists are not exhaustive for any school except North Carolina community colleges.

Major (30 hours)

  • Introductory Courses (9 credit hours): 
    • POLS 1110: American Politics
    • POLS 1130: Comparative Politics
    • POLS 1150: International Politics
  • Methods (4 credit hours): 
    • POLS 2220: Political Science Methods
  • Senior Research (3 credit hours)
    • POLS 4600: Senior Seminar
  • Major electives: (17 credit hours) 
    • Political Philosophy Course
      • POLS 1170: Introduction to Political Philosophy OR
      • POLS 3177: Social and Political Philosophy
  • POLS electives 11-14 credit hours. The online options may vary from year to year, but will likely include:
    • POLS 3104: Mass Media
    • POLS 2120: Introduction to Public Policy 
    • POLS 3125: Healthcare Policy 
    • POLS 3126: Introduction to Public Administration
    • POLS 3128: Politics and Film
    • POLS 3116: Judicial Process


  • Electives as needed to complete 120 hours. Students may take a variety of electives including courses in project management, leadership, and human resource management.

General Education

  • The 2023 General Education requires students to complete 10 courses of lower-division general education relating to the four competencies – critical thinking, communication, intercultural, and quantitative/data – that are fully integrated into the requirements for each major.
    • POLS 1110 is required in the major and is offered in an online program.
    • STAT 1222 will be offered in the online program and satisfies 3 credits of Quantitative / Data requirements

Foreign Language

  • Students earning a degree in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences must demonstrate proficiency in the language of their choice through the 1202 level. This can be accomplished by:
    • Transferring in with an A.A., A.S. or A.F.A. degree
    • Completing three years of the same language in high school
    • Earning transfer or transient credit at a college or university accredited by an accepted accrediting body (NC community colleges would be SPA 111 and SPA 112 for Spanish. Check the Transfer Credit Advisor for other schools and languages.)
    • Achieving a satisfactory score on the foreign languages placement test (in Spanish, French, or German)
    • Completing the courses at UNC Charlotte through the Online Language Exchange.
    • Combination of the above methods.

*Rates are subject to change* 


  • $189.48 per credit hour
  • $5,684.00 est. program cost

Outside of NC Non-Resident:

  • $348.32 per credit hour
  • $10,450.00 est. program cost 

Non Resident:

  • $800.40 per credit hour​
  • $24,012.00 est. program cost