Nurse Administration, M.S.N.

36 Credit Hours
Admits: Fall, Spring & Summer
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Program Tabs


The Nurse Administration specialty will prepare nurses for advanced practice in administrative roles such as Nurse Executive, Nurse Manager, Quality Improvement Manager, Ambulatory Care Manager or other system level nursing positions in community agencies, health care facilities, health departments and schools of nursing.

Graduates will meet the educational requirements for the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) certification in Nursing Administration or Nursing Administration Advanced (CNAA) for the level they are qualified.

The program is 100% online and designed to be flexible for working professionals hoping to continue their education.

The Nurse Administration program can be completed in 27 months if enrolled part-time. Specialty courses are offered alternate years. Students generally are admitted for the Summer I term; however, can enroll any semester.

Graduates of the program will learn critical skills for positions in the field of the Nurse Administration Career examples include but are not limited to: 

Nurse Executive • Nurse Manager • Quality Improvement Manager • Ambulatory Care Manager

Let's Get Started

Please complete the For More Information box or contact an Enrollment Specialist:


Application Deadlines: 

  • August 1 (fall)
  • November 1 (spring)
  • April 1 (summer)

Admissions & Requirements: 

In addition to the general requirements for admission to the Graduate School, the following are required for admission to the MSN in Nursing: Nurse Administrator:

  • Current unrestricted licensure as a Registered Nurse. Current license in North Carolina or a compact state or the state identified by faculty for clinical practice before enrollment. OR Graduation from a post-secondary level Nursing Program (United States RN Registration not required).
  • Baccalaureate degree from an US Department of Education-recognized institutional accredited university. A BSN degree is preferred. If the baccalaureate is not in nursing, other prerequisite courses may be required as part of the program of study.
  • Overall GPA of 3.0 in the last degree earned is preferred.
  • Completion of a statistics course with a grade of C or better.
  • A statement of purpose, describing the applicant's experience and objective in undertaking graduate study in the chosen specialty.
  • For the three letters of recommendation required by the Graduate School, references should be from professional colleagues.
  • One year of professional nursing practice is recommended.

This program requires completion of 36 credit hours in approved courses including:
Core Courses (9 credit hours)

  • NURS 6101: Theoretical Basis for Nursing Practice (3)
  • NURS 6160: Research in Nursing and Health Professions (3)
  • NURS 6115: Health Policy and Planning in the U.S. (3)

System Core Courses (6 credit hours)

  • NURS 6211: Health Disparities and Nursing (3) 
  • NURS 6090: Selected Topics in Nursing (1-3) (Study Abroad)
  • NURS 6212: Program Improvement and Evaluation (3)

Specialty Courses (18 credit hours)

  • NURS 6185: Theory and Application in the Organizational Behavior to Nursing Systems (3)
  • NURS 6187: Health Informatics and Financial Management for Nurses (3)
  • NURS 6188: Strategic Planning and Decision Making in Nursing (3)
  • NURS 6301: Curriculum and Instruction in Nursing Education (3)
  • NURS 6485: Advanced Practicum in Nursing Administration and Leadership (3)
  • NURS 6303: Instructional Technology in Nursing Education (3)
  • NURS 6302: Trends and Issues in Nursing Education (3)

Capstone Courses (3 credit hours)

  • NURS 6603: Synthesis in Advanced Nursing Practice (3)

Additional Degree Requirement:

  • Nursing Administration specialty courses are only offered online through Distance Education. Core and System/Population Core courses can be taken on campus or online as published in the Schedule of Courses.
  • Courses in the Nursing Administration specialty are offered every other year.
  • A total of 360 clinical hours is required to complete the program.
  • Students must maintain a minimum 3.0 (B) GPA in their graduate courses, and may not accumulate more than two C grades.
  • Faculty Advising is required.

*Rates are subject to change* 


  • $288.82 per credit hour
  • $66.67 per credit hour tuition increment
  • $12,798.00 est. program cost

Outside of NC Non-Resident:

  • $536.98 per credit hour
  • $66.67 per credit hour tuition increment
  • $21,731.00 est. program cost

Non Resident:

  • $1,098.21 per credit hour
  • $66.67 per credit hour tuition increment
  • $41,936.00 est. program cost