Elementary School Mathematics, Graduate Certificate

Elementary School Mathematics, Graduate Certificate
18 Credit Hours
Admits: Summer
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Program Tabs


The Elementary School Mathematics graduate certificate is an 18-credit-hour graduate level program designed for students who have a desire to work toward the North Carolina Elementary School Mathematics Add-on License.

The program has been developed in order to:

  • Develop teachers’ and teacher-leaders’ knowledge of research-based pedagogies to more effectively teach elementary mathematics students.
  • Prepare teachers and teacher-leaders to effectively use data to inform mathematics teaching.
  • Equip teachers and teacher-leaders with leadership and coaching skills to be effective leaders of elementary mathematics instruction.
  • Deepen teachers’ and teacher-leaders’ knowledge of mathematics content related to the topics in the elementary mathematics Common Core Standards.
  • Some of these courses have clinical requirements related to working with elementary grades students and elementary grades teachers.

The program is 100% online and designed to be flexible for working professionals hoping to continue their education. 

Graduate Certificate in Elementary School Mathematics can be completed in 2 semesters if enrolled full-time, and 4 semesters if enrolled part-time.



Application Deadline: ​

  • May 11 (summer first half term)

Admissions and Requirements: 

  • Complete the Graduate School Admission Application​.
  • A bachelor’s degree from a university accredited by a US Department of Education-recognized institutional accreditor.
  • A cumulative GPA of at least a 2.75 (based on a 4.0 scale).
  • Copies of unofficial transcripts from all academic coursework beyond high school.
  • Two recommendations from those knowledgeable of the candidate’s interaction with children or youth. Applicants will provide reference contact names and email addresses through the application portal.
  • A North Carolina teaching license in Elementary Education (Grades K-6) OR Middle Grades Education (Grades 6-8) and certified in Middle Grades Mathematics.
  • A clear criminal background check, which will be requested after application submission.

Course listing:

  • ELED 6311: Number Systems & Operations: K-5 Mathematical Tasks (3) 
  • ELED 6312: Geometry and Spatial Visualization: K-5 Assessment (3) 
  • ELED 6313: Algebraic Reasoning: K-5 Discourse & Questioning (3) 
  • ELED 6314: Rational Numbers & Operations: K-5 Learning Trajectories (3) 
  • ELED 6315: Data Analysis and Measurement: K-5 Classroom Interactions (3) 
  • ELED 6316: Mathematical Modeling: K-5 Leadership (3) 

Clinical field experiences provide opportunities for helping all students learn, including children with exceptionalities and students from diverse ethnic/racial, linguistic, gender, and socioeconomic groups. During clinical experiences, students apply theories and understandings gained in coursework, analyze P-12 student learning, and develop the ability to positively impact all learners. Each course in the program requires 20 clinical hours. These structured experiences can take place in multiple settings such as neighboring schools or districts, after-school programs, or in the schools and classrooms in which the candidates work.

Candidates who are residency teachers and teacher assistants must move beyond their own classrooms and schools for at least two clinical experiences. Alternative settings must be approved by the instructor. A limited number of clinical experiences may be approved in significantly different classrooms within their school of employment. Employed candidates are encouraged to seek assistance and support from their administrators.


*Rates are subject to change*


  • $288.82 per credit hour
  • $5,199.00 est. program cost

Outside of NC Non-Resident:

  • $536.98 per credit hour
  • $9,666.00 est. program cost


  • $1,098.21 per credit hour
  • $19,768.00 est. program cost