Culturally Sustaining Teaching, Professional Certificate

24-Hour Program
On-Demand Delivery for Groups of 25 or More
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This program is a unique opportunity for educators who desire to be effective for 21st-century learners. The certification program will instruct educators in culturally relevant and best teaching practices. The primary goal of the certificate is to engage classroom teachers and increase their practical and theoretical capacities to engage all learners. Key topics include:

  • Cultural Competence and Pluralism
  • Linguistics practices
  • Culturally Sustaining Literature
  • Best teaching practices for Diverse Learners
  • Heritage and Community Practice

The CST Certificate is a 24-hour program that is offered on a rolling basis. It is also available on demand for enrollments of 25 or more. Sessions are online and are self-paced.


Culturally Sustaining Teaching Certificate: $250

Want to register multiple students from your organization? Register 3 or more students at the same time and get a 15% Discount off the full price of this course.

Call our Registration Center at 704-687-8900 for group registrations.

Course Schedule

Culturally sustaining teaching practices are essential if teachers want to be relevant in today’s classroom. Culturally relevant teaching (CRT) is a practice grounded in a level of cultural competence that allows teachers to effectively educate through a skill-based knowledge that supports teaching in a multicultural setting.

Culturally Sustaining Teaching Certificate