Craft Beer Business Essentials, Professional Certificate

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The Craft Beer Business Essentials Certificate and Beer Basics: Crash Course in Craft programs are no longer offered.

We're interested in partnering with industry experts and organizations to develop new educational programs tailored for the evolving craft beer industry. Drop us an email with potential partnerships to explore. Your insights will help us bring fresh, new possibilities into the world of stouts, porters, pilsners and ales.

The Craft Beer Business Essentials Certificate was designed as an accelerated curriculum to provide homebrewers, entrepreneurs, and business professionals with the foundational business knowledge, tools, resources, skills, and networking opportunities to be successful from the initial stages of creating their business plan all the way through to making a profit and increasing distribution.

During the program's run, students gained the benefit of networking with and learning from fellow classmates, successful brewery owners, and industry professionals while receiving instruction, consultation, and feedback throughout their coursework.

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