Online Engineering Programs

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UNC Charlotte School of Professional Studies offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering that are available 100% online.

Program offerings include: engineering technologies in electricity and fire safety; management and supervision; and construction facilities, depending on your interest area and education level.

All programs are designed to be flexible and affordable for students who are balancing busy life demands. Learn more about each program and continue your educational journey today.


Engineering Technology: Fire Safety, B.S.
Engineering Technology: Fire Safety, B.S.
  • 61 credit hours
  • Admits: Fall & Spring
  • Designed to prepare professionals for increasing roles in leadership and management to protect people and property.


Construction and Facilities Engineering, M.S.
  • 30 credit hours
  • Admits: Fall, Spring & Summer
  • Prepares individuals to manage, coordinate and supervise the construction process from concept development through project completion on time and on budget with an emphasis on facilities management and engineering.
Engineering Management, M.S.
  • 31 credit hours
  • Admits: Fall, Spring & Summer
  • Prepares professionals for careers in managing projects, programs, systems, and organizations.