Test Preparation Courses

Test Preparation Courses

The SAT and the ACT are standardized tests that can be valuable assets for college-bound students.

While most colleges have adopted an SAT test-optional policy post-COVID, college admissions still place value on them when submitted, and strong test scores can offset other parts of an application that may be weaker. In fact, SAT scores can be the deciding factor for acceptance into a student’s dream school.

Preparation is the key to success for the SAT and ACT.

UNC Charlotte’s Niner Academy offers two programs for SAT and ACT preparation. Each provides the tools high school students need to increase their scores and set themselves on the pathway to heightened confidence and success.

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SAT Blitz
SAT Blitz
  • SAT strategies and practice exams
  • Scheduled throughout year, before popular SAT test dates
  • Ideal for first-time test-takers or to improve score
  • Online or on-campus
ACT test
ACT Prep
  • Learn strategies to improve your score
  • Including practice tests from ACT
  • Scheduled throughout year
  • Online