Webinar Series for Charlotte Employees

Unleash Your Niner Potential

The truth is that your full potential is a constantly moving target, and many people underestimate their ability and what they can achieve. Unleashing your true potential is like finding a hidden treasure. How can we continually expand our potential? How can we make ourselves so much more than we currently are and become closer to everything we could be?

Are you ready to discover how to reach your full potential and become the best version of your authentic self? Then let’s get started!

Webinar Series Overview

Here is a list of all the courses in the webinar series with dates and titles. Each webinar will run from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm.

# Date Title
1 January 10, 2024 Jumpstart Your 2024
2 February 14, 2024 Communicate Like a Rockstar
3 March 13, 2024 Psychological Safety in the Workplace
4 April 10, 2024 Be an Effective (and Awesome) Team Member
5 May 8, 2024 Developing Positive Relationships with Difficult People
6 June 12, 2024 Establishing a Growth Mindset
7 July 10, 2024 Creative Conflict Resolution
8 August 14, 2024 Tackling Tough Conversations
9 September 11, 2024 Increase Your Productivity with Process Improvement
10 October 9, 2024 Dynamic Listening Skills
11 November 13, 2024 Fearless Decision Making
12 December 11, 2024 Trust Strategies to Drive Commitment